Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Water Lily

My husband and I built a water garden about 8 years ago. We had the area landscaped and planted new little birch trees. Over the years we loved to watch the water lily's bloom and open all summer long. 8 years later, those little birches are now mature, very large trees. Our water garden is now pretty much a shade garden and without much sun, lily's don't bloom. We did not get one bloom this season. In July, we had one of the trees cut down to increase the sunlight to our little pond.

I looked for potential blooms everyday, but even though the pond now gets much more sun and the lily pads have grown and increased, there have been no flowers. Until today. I just happened to glance at the pond today, when I took a break from watching 911 coverage and there it was. A beautiful, lush, yellow lily flower, to remind me that while today is a sad anniversary of a tragic event; there is still much beauty around us everyday.