Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Shower for our Grandson!

We had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for our son, daughter in law and soon to be born grandson last weekend. I made lots of snacks and provided wine, beer & soda for our guests.
My sister contributed handmade baby powder scented soaps as party favors. They smell so yummy!
Our new front door arrived just in time! 
The baby shower was an Open House concept, no games! We invited couples, family and friends that have shared our life with Andrew in various stages of his development. 
Mom & Dad to be got lots of great gifts! Kellie (our dog) thought it was Christmas!

Our new puppy Coco was an angel during the entire event. Afterwards we relaxed out on the patio. Coco got some much needed free time!
Best of luck to Andrew & Ursula, only 6 more weeks!!! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Was is that outside??

Oh my goodness, what is GOING ON outside??? I think I faintly remember what this stuff is... its RAIN!! Its been raining most of the day today. Do you know how long its been since this happened??? Try 100 days!!! Wow, we are loving the dreary clouds and trickle of precipitation down our windows. I was talking to a clerk at a store today about how we wanted to stand out in the rain and just relish the feeling. I know out trees are loving this!!
Here is the latest cute puppy picture. Little Miss Coco has become a welcome addition to our "pack". She has so much character and spunk. She has me totally in love!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miss Coco is getting big!!!

My sweet little puppy is getting bigger! She is such a sweetie and just loves to meet new people and gets so excited that she just wiggles all around. She is super smart too. She can do the following tricks: come, sit, up, high 5, turn around and down. She loves to lay on her back and get her tummy rubbed. I am in love! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Puppy Pic

Little Coco with my son, Ethan. Scotties don't photograph real well because they are so dark! She is a sweet little bundle of energy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Our New Baby

Meet Coco, our new Scottie pup. We picked her up this past weekend. So far, so good, she seems to be settling in well. If only our 10 year Scottie, Kellie felt just as excited. It's been an adjustment for her and I know she will come around eventually. One thing she does seem excited about is the puppy's food! Coco loves to follow Kellie everywhere and Kellie plays keep away! I'm sure I will be blogging about Coco & Kellie much more.... stay tuned!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My kinda airplane!

Can I fly this plane on my next trip to Paris??

My Water Garden

Just took this photo off my deck of my parched by the drought water garden. The leaves have been falling off the trees for weeks because we need rain. It looks like fall everywhere because the trees and lawns are so parched and stressed.
Kellie likes to sit outside on our deck watching the world go by! She is a sweetie and is looking forward to meeting her new sister!

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Scottie Collection

My collection of Scottie collectibles!!
I love Scotties. My first family dog was a little black Scottie. Her name was Cinders. When I married, my husband and I added Katie, a black scottie, to our family. She was a sweet and special dog. The easiest Scottie ever. She got dementia when she was 13 and it was a sad thing to watch. Saying goodbye is very hard when you love your dog so much. After Katie we added Kellie. Kellie came from a farm in Iowa and she too is special. She LOVES people and hates to be alone. She follows me EVERYWHERE. Strange dogs are not her favorite thing, but meeting people is.

When Kellie was 2 we added Cooper to our family. Cooper was a wheaton colored Scottie. He was a very unusual dog. He was bottle fed the first week of his life and he loved being held and carried like a baby. He would do anything for a treat. I could teach him a new trick in 5 minutes because he was so motivated by food. He got sick last year and passed away at the age of 7. We miss him everyday and wish he was with us. Kellie misses her buddy.

After Cooper died, we started looking for another wheaton colored male. We have been looking for 7 months. We have searched the country, the internet and far and wide but could not find a little wheaton male. We finally found a breeder in Indiana who had a wheaton female. We put a deposit on her and were to bring her home last week.
BEWARE of internet breeders, not all of them are what they advertise themselves to be. Long story short (for now), our breeder kept from us the fact that our pup had a physical defect and when we questioned why this happened, we were told we "violated the trust issue" in our contract and it was voided. There are heartless, dishonest, and cruel people in this world. Enough said, no puppy from them.
So now we are going to be welcoming a new puppy in August. It's a girl and she will be called Coco, after Chanel of course! I am so happy that she will be coming from a honest, loving breeder closer to home. She is the little pup on the right side of the photo below. I will provide updates as I get them! So that concludes my "collection" story!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm leaving soon.....

I'm heading here soon!!! I've been packing and repacking, adding, editing and finializing what I need for 2 1/2 weeks in Paris. I cannot figure out what the weather will be like because it keeps changing. Oh wsell I guess I can just shop for more clothing while I am there. I'm really excited to be attending the French Open! Will I see these guys???


This is a great link to a cool jewelry artist

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


95 Days......

Ooh la la, I am getting super excited to head back to Paris in 95 days!!! I found this link below, a French photographer's New York Fashion week experience. I love Kate Spade's "Pardon my French" logo and the french accents.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's been going on.....

Well it's been a fantastic month since Christmas. Fantastic weather that is. Wow, who would have figured that you could be barefoot on Feb. 1st!!!

I've been working on a journal to use as an example for my guest teacher lecture at the University of Kansas on Monday. I will be teaching my "Un Journal" process to KU junior art education students. The students will create a blank journal to be used for field research this semester. So today I pulled out my journaling supplies and started a journal for the class. It's really gotten my creative juices flowing. Pictured below is the fruit of my labors:

My partner in crime has been Miss Kellie, my constant companion. She has been enjoying this lovely weather too.

When she is not following me everywhere I go, she can be found snoozing in her pet bed in the hearth room.

Today while she napped, I made a pot of beef barley, vegetable soup. I know not really the kind of food for 60 degree weather! So now after finishing my warm bowl of yummy soup, I think I will join Kellie and take a nap!