Wednesday, February 15, 2012


95 Days......

Ooh la la, I am getting super excited to head back to Paris in 95 days!!! I found this link below, a French photographer's New York Fashion week experience. I love Kate Spade's "Pardon my French" logo and the french accents.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's been going on.....

Well it's been a fantastic month since Christmas. Fantastic weather that is. Wow, who would have figured that you could be barefoot on Feb. 1st!!!

I've been working on a journal to use as an example for my guest teacher lecture at the University of Kansas on Monday. I will be teaching my "Un Journal" process to KU junior art education students. The students will create a blank journal to be used for field research this semester. So today I pulled out my journaling supplies and started a journal for the class. It's really gotten my creative juices flowing. Pictured below is the fruit of my labors:

My partner in crime has been Miss Kellie, my constant companion. She has been enjoying this lovely weather too.

When she is not following me everywhere I go, she can be found snoozing in her pet bed in the hearth room.

Today while she napped, I made a pot of beef barley, vegetable soup. I know not really the kind of food for 60 degree weather! So now after finishing my warm bowl of yummy soup, I think I will join Kellie and take a nap!