Thursday, July 24, 2014

Laid Up

Well, the last week or so has been most challenging. I have been struggling with hip/back/knee pain off and on for months. I've tried lots of remedies, but finally called my doctor. He prescribed physical therapy and while I've only gone to a few sessions, my knee has been really acting up the most. I have had constant pain for a full week and got into a orthopedic doctor today. I figured I would get a brace or shot or something and that would be that. Not so much this time. My doctor said the only thing that will really fix my problem is knee replacement!! OMG!! I was not expecting that diagnosis. So, here I sit, icing my knee and trying to figure out where I will get a second opinion!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm ready to return to the blogosphere!

I've been away for a long time!! Almost 2 years! With a new iphone blogging app I'm hoping that I can easily post what's been going on! Here is a picture of what I have been doing lately:

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